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Laminated Dental Veneer is a Dental Veneer treatment method that provides the desired aesthetic, smooth and white teeth as a result of applying the material called Leaf Porcelain, which is produced without the use of metal, to the front side of the tooth after a minimum amount of abrasion is applied only to the front side of the patient's tooth.

Laminated Dental Veneers is an Aesthetic Dentistry treatment method used to remove discoloration in people's teeth and to eliminate deformations on the tooth surface. After the application, all problems up to a certain level are easily eliminated and the person is provided with the bright, smooth and snow-white teeth he dreams of.

Thanks to this application, popularly known as Laminated Veneers or Laminated Teeth;

  • Especially those with slight distortions in their front teeth,
  • Broken, pitted and eroded teeth,
  • With deformations on the tooth surfaces,
  • Yellowing, staining and discoloration of teeth,

The aesthetic problems experienced by people are eliminated and they are helped to achieve the perfect smile they desire.

Aesthetic or functional problems in people's teeth cause a direct negative impact on the external appearance. While Laminated Dental application allows these problems to be eliminated quickly, it allows the person's appearance to be brought to the desired structure.

Laminated Dental Veneers, which is known as the most demanded Dental Veneers treatment method today, enables the rapid and permanent elimination of situations that cause aesthetic concerns, especially in the front teeth.

Laminated Veneer application, which is performed by specialists in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry under clinical conditions, allows the person to have teeth that do not lose their solid and white color. Laminated Teeth, which are specially prepared for each patient's mouth and tooth structure, create a natural appearance by harmonizing 100% with the general appearance of the person.

After Laminated Dental Veneers, the person will have the aesthetic smile and snow-white teeth they desire. Paying attention to oral and dental care and not interrupting clinical examinations during the year allows the treatment results to be preserved for a lifetime.

People who reach our clinic to have white shining teeth and an aesthetic smile quickly achieve the oral and dental appearance they dream of at the end of a comfortable, safe and effective treatment process as a result of Laminated Veneer treatment performed by our Specialist Dentists.

In order to get rid of the aesthetic and functional problems in your teeth, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment, and you can create the most suitable treatment plan for you as a result of the examination by our specialist dentist.

What is Laminated Tooth 

Laminated Tooth is a dental restoration method preferred to achieve the aesthetically desired form, color and aesthetic appearance of the front teeth with special bonding techniques. It means Leaf Tooth treatment and are thin veneers produced individually.

With Laminated Dental treatment methods, patients can have the aesthetic dental appearance they desire by treating the teeth that they are uncomfortable with their aesthetic appearance, current form and color.

Laminated Dental Veneers are generally preferred by patients to achieve the desired aesthetic smile. Nowadays, appearance has become a very important phenomenon for both genders, regardless of whether they are men or women.

As a phenomenon that attracts the most attention in the external appearance of people, we come across tooth structure, that is, smile designs. With Laminated Dental treatment methods, people can achieve the aesthetic smile, tooth form and tooth color they desire in a short time.

What is Laminated Veneer 

Laminated Dental Veneer applications are an aesthetic treatment method in which veneers are applied with minimal filing on the tooth. During this process, a thin layer of veneer is applied to the intact tooth surface.

Unlike other coating methods, a small filing process is applied during laminated dental veneers in order to place the veneer. For this reason, it is one of the most protective prosthesis applications and is frequently preferred.

Unlike porcelain crown application, this aesthetic dental treatment is applied by minimizing the preparation process applied to natural teeth in order to apply the coating process to the teeth. The preparation process is the name given to the cutting process applied to the tooth frame in order to place the veneer to be placed on the tooth surface.

The preparation process is applied during many tooth surface coating applications. Laminated Dental Veneers, also known as Leaf Porcelain, are applied using intrinsic bonding techniques instead of the prepare application applied to the tooth surface during treatment applications.

A very thin layer of tooth is removed only from the front surface of the tooth surface and the prepared Lamina is bonded to the front surface of the tooth. In this way, Laminate Leaf Veneer application is completed and the patient obtains the smile design he/she desires.

In which cases is laminated veneer applied? 

Laminated Dental Veneers is an Aesthetic Dentistry application where especially aesthetic problems existing in people's teeth can be eliminated quickly and safely. Dental Veneers can be preferred for many different reasons and for different reasons depending on the patient's request.

Laminated Dental Veneers are among the most preferred applications;

  • Being uncomfortable with situations that prevent an aesthetic smile and treating these situations,
  • The desire to remove distortions or deformities in the front teeth,
  • Restoring the patient's old dental aesthetic appearance by repairing the front teeth broken due to impact or violence,
  • When you are uncomfortable with the length of your teeth and request tooth lengthening for aesthetic smile design,
  • Creating permanent white and remarkable smile designs that do not get positive results from whitening applications,
  • Whitening of the tooth surface that turns yellow due to excessive consumption of caffeine, tea, cigarettes, etc. during daily life for aesthetic appearance,
  • Removal of decayed teeth and correction of damage to the teeth caused by caries,
  • Elimination of tooth separation of patients with split front teeth who have not accepted braces treatment due to various reasons,
  • Correction of old fillings that have already been done,
  • Repair of broken teeth,

can be shown.

Laminated Dental Veneers are frequently preferred for patients who are uncomfortable with the structure, form and aesthetic appearance of their front teeth and are not satisfied with this situation.

In addition, Laminated Veneer applications can be preferred in cases where the color irregularity of the patient's teeth should be eliminated and the structural shape of the teeth should be corrected to a certain extent.

How Laminated Veneers are made 

Laminated Dental Veneers is one of the treatment methods applied in cases where people have various structural problems, deformities or aesthetic problems in their front teeth.

This application, also known as Leaf Porcelain Veneer treatment, is a Dental Veneer treatment technique performed by dentists who are experts in their field. During the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain or pain thanks to the local anesthesia applied by the specialist doctor to the area to be treated.  

In Laminated Dental Veneers treatment, factors such as how many teeth the patient will cover, the condition of the teeth to be covered, that is, the teeth to be treated, affect the treatment process. While the Laminated Veneer application to be applied to a small number of teeth in good structural condition can be completed in a few sessions in a short time, in the same way, the treatment period may be prolonged if the veneer is applied to more tooth surfaces.

However, on average, Laminated Dental Veneer treatment is an application completed in 3 sessions. The most common question we receive from people who reach our clinic is how to make laminated dental veneers in stages;

  • As the first stage, the patient is examined by a specialist dentist. Then, the patient's expectations are learned and a modeling is made according to the patient's expectations.
  • After the patient's expectations and the condition of the teeth are learned as a result of the examination and controls applied in the first session, the patient is informed about the treatment process.
  • In the second session, the patient is given local anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling pain or pain during the procedure.
  • After the local anesthesia is given, the place where the veneers will be placed is prepared by applying the filing application of the teeth to be treated with laminated dental veneers.
  • In order to make the appropriate coating for the teeth that have finished the filing process, the rasped teeth are measured.
  • After the measurements taken, a period of about 1 week is waited for the gums to recover and the veneers to be produced until the next stage.
  • During this one-week period, since the tooth surfaces are rasped for the veneer, it is quite usual, that is, normal, for sensitivity to occur.
  • After the laminated dental veneers and teeth are ready, a rehearsal is made and it is examined whether the color of the veneers and the veneers are compatible with the teeth.
  • After the patient and dentist give their approval after the fitting, the prepared laminated veneers are bonded to the tooth surface.
  • The bonding process takes approximately 2 hours. After this process, the patient can complete the treatment and have the desired aesthetic smile design and tooth form.

We can answer as follows.

How Long Does Laminated Veneer Last 

Within the scope of Aesthetic Smile Design applications, the Laminated Dental Veneer treatment process, which is applied for various reasons such as correcting the deteriorated tooth form or tooth structure of people, is completed in approximately 1 week.

After the filing of the patient's teeth, measurements are taken so that the Leaf Porcelain veneers can be produced in accordance with the teeth. It takes approximately 3 to 4 days to produce Leaf Porcelain in accordance with the measurements taken.

After the rehearsal applied to the patient after the laminated veneers are produced, the finished laminated veneers are bonded to the patient's teeth as a result of the approval of the patient and the dentist.

All procedures within the scope of Laminated Dental Veneers treatment are completed within an average of 1 week, allowing the patient to achieve the aesthetic, natural and attractive smile they desire in a short time.

Porcelain Laminated Tooth Veneers

Porcelain Laminated Dental Veneers treatment, also known as Leaf Porcelain, is a smile design treatment preferred by people who have structural or aesthetic problems in their teeth to get rid of these problems and to have the dental appearance they desire permanently.Porcelain Laminated Veneers treatment is applied by lightly filing the front surfaces of the person's teeth and following the procedure of placing veneers on the tooth surface.This is an application frequently preferred by people whose teeth deteriorate in structure and form with the treatment applied to the tooth surface, but who do not have braces due to aesthetic concerns.  

Laminated Dental Veneer treatment, which is also frequently preferred for the purpose of Aesthetic Smile Design, offers patients the appearance they desire in a short time. It also prevents the foods consumed during daily life that damage the color pigments of the teeth from changing the natural color of the teeth.

With Porcelain Laminated Dental Veneers treatment, which offers a very robust and natural appearance, you can achieve the smile design you desire and have healthy looking teeth.

Front Tooth Laminated Veneers  

Laminated Dental Veneer treatment is a dental veneer treatment method that can be applied to the front teeth and allows patients to achieve the dental appearance they desire. Veneers in the form of a thin layer, which means Leaf Veneers, are applied to the tooth surface by performing a minimum level of filing on the tooth.

Today, Laminated Veneer procedures, which are preferred for Pink Aesthetics, are a protective prosthesis application that can be applied to the front teeth.

What is the Lifespan of Laminated Veneers 

The permanence of the treatment in veneer procedures applied to the tooth surface of the patients is positively or negatively affected by the oral and dental care routines of the person. The lifespan of laminated dental veneers varies between 10 and 15 years on average.

However, if the person performs your daily oral care in the right way, the life of the Laminated Dental Veneer is positively affected. In order to maintain the positive situation obtained after Laminated Dental Veneers for a lifetime, you should pay attention to your oral care as recommended by your dentist and do it regularly.

After Laminated Tooth Veneers  

Laminated Dental Veneers is an Aesthetic Dentistry method that eliminates the problems experienced by people with many problems that cause concerns, especially aesthetic problems in their teeth, with a safe, comfortable, effective and successful treatment process.

The care of the teeth of people who have laminated veneers applied to their teeth is very important and the care routine of these teeth is not different from natural teeth. Regular brushing twice a day and paying attention to the use of dental floss will prolong the life of the Laminated Veneer.

Among the situations to be considered after Laminated Dental Veneers;

  • It is necessary to avoid excessively hot or cold foods against sensitivity that may occur for a week after the porcelain lamina procedure.
  • Hard crusted food should not be consumed after treatment.
  • If you have discomforts such as clenching or grinding teeth, you should share them with your dentist before treatment or use products such as dental plaque after treatment.

can be shown.

Advantages of Laminated Tooth  

Compared to other dental veneer methods, laminated dental veneer application brings many different advantages and benefits to patients. Among the advantages provided by Laminated Veneers;

  • It offers patients the aesthetic appearance they desire.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Thanks to its glossy surfaces, it is stain-resistant and has a colorfast structure. In this way, teeth are not discolored as a result of substances such as tea, coffee and cigarettes consumed in daily life.
  • After a short treatment, patients gain a very healthy and natural looking tooth appearance.
  • It is not possible to remove a veneer adhered to the tooth to which laminated dental veneer treatment is applied as a whole. These dental veneers can only be removed by abrading the tooth surface with diamond burs. Therefore, there is no worry about the veneers falling off during daily life.
  • Due to its structure, it has a high resistance to abrasion.
  • It does not change color when consuming foods that are actively consumed during daily life such as coffee, tea and cigarettes. By remaining in a fixed color, the patient does not need to have a new and different procedure.
  • It protects oral and dental health by minimizing the formation of tartar on the teeth due to various reasons.
  • It is a treatment application that offers the desired aesthetic appearance to the patient without disturbing the natural structure of the teeth.

can be specified.

Laminated Tooth Prices  

People reach our clinic for the treatment of functional disorders, especially aesthetic problems that may occur in their teeth for various reasons, and very often send us the question of how much Laminated Dental Veneer Prices are in 2023.

First of all, it should be known that it is not correct to specify any fee without a preliminary examination of the patient in the applications performed in the field of health. As a result of the examination to be performed by the Specialist Dentist, the treatment process and price can be clearly stated to the patient.

Laminated Veneer Prices There are many situations that led to changes in 2023. Among these situations;

  • The person's mouth and tooth structure,
  • The genetic structure and age of the patient to receive laminated dental veneers,
  • Aesthetic problems in the mouth and teeth of the person,
  • The extent of staining, decay, yellowing and deformation of the patient's teeth,
  • The type and number of Laminated Dental Veneers to be applied to the person,
  • The experience of the clinic and dentist who will perform the treatment,

can be shown.

Call Us Now to have Laminated Dental Veneers treatment and to eliminate the aesthetic problems that occur in your teeth for various reasons and to have the natural, beautiful and aesthetic smile you dream of...



Number of Operations


Operation Duration

4-6 clock


Local Anesthesia

Sensitivity Process

1 - 3 Day

Return to Work Period

1 Day

Full Recovery

7 Day

Persistence of Results


Length of Stay in Hospital

1 Day

Laminated Tooth Price varies depending on many factors such as the person's genetic characteristics, deformations, mouth and tooth structure. In addition, Laminated Tooth Prices can be updated instantly. For these reasons, it will be the most appropriate behavior for you to come to our clinic and get the most accurate information about this issue after you have a preliminary examination.

Laminated Tooth is made individually in the laboratory environment after taking the patient's dental impressions and obtaining the necessary digital data.

In Laminated Dental Veneers application, firstly, the front surface of the patient's teeth is abraded with a minimum amount of abrasion and impressions are taken. Using modern technology, Laminated Teeth are produced in the most suitable shape and size for the person's mouth and tooth structure.

After this stage, Laminated Teeth are bonded to the front surfaces of the patient's teeth by Dentists Specialized in Aesthetic Dentistry in a clinical environment.

Laminated Tooth is a dental restoration method preferred to achieve the aesthetically desired form, color and aesthetic appearance of the front teeth with special bonding techniques. It means Leaf Tooth treatment and are thin veneers produced individually.

Laminated Tooth Prices vary over time for different reasons. It is not possible to specify a clear price without examining the patient. However, for front tooth aesthetics, 8 to 10 teeth in the upper jaw and 6 to 6 teeth in the lower jaw are laminated.

Laminated teeth are not likely to fall or break.

Laminated Tooth Veneer treatment consists of preliminary examination, tooth impression, production and bonding of laminated teeth. All these processes are completed within 7 to 10 days on average.

Laminated Teeth do not cause any bad breath in people. Bad breath is seen in people who do not pay attention to oral and dental hygiene and lose the health of teeth and gums as a result of this process.

Laminated Tooth has a structure that can be used for many years and is not subject to yellowing and decay. Since Laminated Teeth are produced and placed with high quality and workmanship, they do not decay in the area where they are placed.

Laminated Teeth, which are precisely placed in place with the fine measurements made during the Laminated Tooth Coating process, are a safe application by not allowing the formation of bacteria in the area.

Laminated Dental Veneers treatment is an application that has advantages and disadvantages compared to Zirconium Dental Veneers. Although both applications are Dental Veneer treatment methods, the technique to be used is decided by the Dentist Specialized in Aesthetic Dentistry, taking into account the needs of the patient.

Both veneering procedures are performed using studies and designs made in digital environment. The person can have the aesthetic smile and snow-white teeth he/she dreams of after Zirconium Tooth or Laminated Tooth.