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Zirconium Veneer is an Aesthetic Dentistry treatment method in which the patient's tooth surfaces are coated with Zirconium material in order to eliminate many aesthetic and functional problems such as discoloration and decay that occur in people's teeth for different reasons.

Zirconium is a strong and shiny element and is known as the most commonly used active ingredient in Dental Veneer applications for people to have an aesthetic smile and snow-white teeth.

Zirconium Dental Veneer, also referred to as Crown Crown, is a Dental Veneer treatment method applied to reveal an Aesthetic Smile by removing discoloration and decay in people's mouths and teeth.

During the Zirconium Veneer application, porcelain or ceramic coating material is used and the front and back faces of the patient's problematic teeth are treated. Thanks to the coating material that does not contain any metal, the person has white and natural teeth after the application.

Zirconium Dental Veneer, which provides an aesthetically perfect appearance if applied to the front teeth of the person, can also be applied to the back teeth when necessary and supports the formation of a magnificent mouth - tooth structure.

Günümüzde Estetik Diş Hekimliği kapsamında gerçekleştirilen Gülüş Tasarımı ve Pembe Estetik uygulamalarının vazgeçilmez yöntemlerinden birisi Zirkonyum Diş Kaplama tedavisi olarak bilinmektedir.

Zirconium Veneers have become very preferred due to the fact that the result obtained after the application is permanent for more than 20 years and there is almost no possibility of breakage in Zirconium Teeth.

After Zirconium Veneers, the patient has the aesthetic smile and snow-white teeth he/she dreams of. However, the person gains not only aesthetic gains, but also healthy mouth and teeth that can functionally fulfill their tasks.

Thanks to the Zirconium Dental Veneers treatment performed by dentists specialized in this field under clinical conditions, people have healthy, natural, aesthetic and snow-white teeth that they can use for almost a lifetime. Paying attention to oral and dental care and not neglecting clinical examinations during the year ensures long-lasting use.

People who reach our clinic to have snow-white shining teeth and an aesthetic smile quickly achieve the mouth-tooth appearance they dream of at the end of a comfortable, safe and effective treatment process as a result of Zirconium Coating treatment performed by our Specialist Dentists.

In order to get rid of the aesthetic and functional problems in your teeth, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment, and you can create the most suitable treatment plan for you as a result of the examination by our specialist dentist.

What is Zirconium Tooth 

Dental Veneers are basically divided into two different groups. This distinction is made as Metal-Containing Dental Veneers and Metal-Free Dental Veneers. Zirconium Veneers are known as the most preferred dental coating method today.

Zirconium Tooth refers to the teeth coated with porcelain coating technique with Zirconium dioxide substructure on the tooth surface of the person. Zirconium Teeth belong to the metal-free coating group. It is a technique preferred by people who aim to have their teeth coated with the Dental Veneer Method due to various reasons and factors.

The Zirconium Dental Veneer method has a color very close to natural teeth. This Dental Veneer Method, which offers an aesthetically natural appearance on the teeth, is a frequently preferred and applied Dental Veneer application for aesthetic smile designs.

What is Zirconium Dental Veneers 

Today, with the effect of the increasing concern about appearance, people frequently prefer aesthetic smile designs and have them applied. Zirconium Dental Veneer application is a Dental Veneer method that is generally preferred and applied by many people for aesthetic smile designs.

Zirconium Dental Veneer application consists of a biologically compatible, robust, aesthetic looking and highly reliable material.

The Zirconium Veneer method is a frequently preferred material in dentistry for crowns, bridges, implants, post and piano applications. Zirconium is structurally stronger and more robust than metal. Today, Zirconium Coating is applied in two different ways.

1- Use as a substructure under porcelain

2- Monolithic use as a method consisting only of zirconium

One of the most preferred reasons for Zirconium Dental Veneer application, which is generally preferred for Aesthetic Smile Design, is that it creates an appearance very close to the natural tooth appearance. In addition, Zirconium, which is preferred in Dental Veneer applications, is a material that easily adapts to the gums and protects the comfort of the patient.

In Which Cases Zirconium Veneer is Applied 

Zirconium is a white colored alloy applied to the lower part of dental prostheses and porcelain bridges. Today, it is a Dental Veneer application method preferred and applied by many people for different purposes and reasons.

Among the situations where Zirconium Dental Veneer application, which is generally preferred for Aesthetic Smile Designs, is used; 

  • Elimination of color problems such as graying or yellowing on the tooth surface,
  • The person can have a natural tooth color,
  • Aesthetic restoration of split teeth in split tooth treatments,
  • Elimination of this problem for patients with crooked teeth,
  • Gaining aesthetic appearance to dental fillings that have lost their aesthetic appearance,
  • Giving the person smile aesthetics,
  • Restoring broken or decayed teeth to a healthy structure,
  • Compensation for missing teeth,
  • Making healthy teeth whose aesthetic appearance has deteriorated due to gum problems,
  • It is a tooth coating application preferred for the person to have the desired tooth structure and smile. 

can be shown.

Zirconium Veneer is the most preferred dental veneer application in order to have the tooth structure and smile of one's dreams. With Zirconium Veneer applications, it is possible to regain your old, healthy and remarkable white teeth.

Unlike the metal alloys in the substructure of porcelain veneers present a lifeless and artificial appearance on the teeth, you can prevent this unaesthetic appearance with Zirconium Dental Veneers Treatment and have a remarkable smile.

How Zirconium Veneers Are Made 

Among the dental veneer treatments, Zirconium Dental Veneer method is the most preferred dental veneer application thanks to the natural tooth appearance it offers to the person.

This application is a method performed by dentists who are experts in their field. During the construction of the Zirconium Dental Veneer application, the patient goes through some stages. These stages;

  • First, the patient is examined and the problem in the patient's teeth is determined by the specialist doctor.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the relevant area before starting the treatment in the treatment process specially determined for the patient according to the detected problem. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied, the level of pain or pain that the patient will feel is minimized.
  • The patient's teeth are reduced to fit the size of the Zirconium Veneer.
  • Measurements are taken over the reduced teeth so that the Zirconium Veneer can be produced in accordance with the tooth size. These measurements can be taken with a soft material on the teeth or by choosing digital methods.
  • With the color scale presented to the patient, tooth color selection is made according to the patient's request.
  • After these stages, while waiting for the Zirconium Veneer to be produced suitable for the measured teeth, the veneers are temporarily attached so that the patient does not feel sensitivity and does not spoil the aesthetic appearance.
  • The measured Zirconium Veneers are prepared within 3 to 5 days on average. After the prepared Dental Veneers are approved by the patient, temporary teeth are removed and Zirconium Veneers are placed on the tooth surface.
  • Special transparent adhesives are used for bonding the teeth.

We can summarize it as follows.

After all these procedures, the patient's Zirconium Dental Veneer application is finished. However, nothing should be eaten for about the first half hour after the application. Otherwise, the possibility of damage and displacement of the Zirconium Veneer will increase.

After these procedures, you should go to the clinic regularly on the dates determined by your doctor and check your Zirconium Dental Veneer.

How Long Does Zirconium Veneer Last 

Zirconium Dental Veneer applications are a treatment method that is completed in an average of 1 week. After Zirconium measurements are taken from the tooth surface, there is a laboratory phase that varies between 4 and 5 days on average.

At the end of one week, the patient will have the desired aesthetic smile design and teeth that attract attention, with stages such as tooth cutting, measurement, planning and rehearsal by the specialist physician in the field.

Types of Zirconium Veneers 

Different types of Zirconium Teeth can be produced and used by taking into account the aesthetic and functional problems experienced by the person during the Zirconium Coating process. Among Zirconium Tooth Types;

1- Zirconium Veneers Applications

2- Application on Zirconium Implant

3- All on 4 System Application on Zirconium Implant

4- Zirconium Smile Design

can be shown.

Zirconium Dental Veneer treatment, which can also be preferred for single tooth veneers, is a widely preferred method in implant treatments.

Veneer Zirconium Veneers 

Veneer Zirconium Dental Veneer application is a method frequently used in Aesthetic Dentistry. Zirconium is a dental coating method that adds a natural appearance to the teeth, which are defined as new generation dental coatings developed as an alternative to metal-supported porcelains.

Zirconium Teeth, which are obtained by cutting the white blocks prepared from zirconium dioxide in accordance with the tooth measurement, provide a rapid solution to many aesthetic and functional problems that occur in people's mouth - tooth structure.

What is the Lifespan of Zirconium Veneers? 

Zirconium Dental Veneer aesthetic treatment applications, which are frequently preferred today, are generally preferred for people who are uncomfortable with the color, arrangement or structure of the teeth, in other words, it is a dental coating application preferred to eliminate aesthetically disliked situations.

The average lifespan of Zirconium Dental Veneer models applied to tooth surfaces varies between 5 and 15 years. Depending on the care of the teeth with Zirconium Veneers and whether regular controls are provided or not, the life of the veneers is also positively or negatively affected.

It is possible to extend the life of your Zirconium Dental Veneers up to 20 years if you provide regular oral and dental care and controls after Zirconium Veneers and pay attention to oral hygiene.

Zirconium Veneer Tooth Sore 

Due to the channels on the dentin surface that are exposed after Zirconium Veneers, the dental pulp is subject to thermal changes and it is common to encounter tooth aching in the first few days after the procedure due to these thermal changes.

Due to the above-mentioned issue, it can be considered normal for the patient to feel a slight pain or tingling after Zirconium Dental Veneers and it can be shown as a situation that will pass within a few days.

Zirconium Veneer Tooth Color 

During the Zirconium Veneers application, the patient can decide on the color of the Zirconium Dental Veneers together with the specialist dentist. In this process, the specialist dentist guides the patient and helps him/her to choose the most suitable, natural color for his/her oral and dental structure.

In Zirconium Dental Veneers treatment, which offers the most natural appearance among dental veneers, the tooth color can be preferred as light or dark color depending on the patient's request. The preferred color has a very permanent color that does not change even after long use.

Zirconium Veneer or Laminated Veneer 

Unlike Zirconium Veneers, Laminated Tooth Veneer applications are a method in which the full coating process is not applied. In other words, tooth deficiency is not eliminated in Laminated Veneer treatments and has to be done one by one.

Zirconium Veneers, on the other hand, do not offer a condition such as completing the missing teeth by providing full coverage. However, Laminated Dental Veneers treatment is more expensive than Zirconium Dental Veneers treatment.

In addition, Laminated Dental Veneers treatment is only applied to the front surface of the teeth. Zirconium Veneer treatment is a coating method that surrounds the teeth all around.

After Zirconium Veneer 

Zirconium Dental Veneers is a safe, comfortable and aesthetic dental treatment method with a high success rate when performed by specialist dentists in a clinical environment. However, for the success of the treatment and the oral and dental health of the person, the patient should pay attention to some issues specified by the dentist.

Among the things to be considered after Zirconium Dental Veneer treatment;

  • Avoid eating extremely hot or cold meals,
  • Avoid consumption of sticky and hard food,
  • Avoid excessively hot or cold drinks,
  • Do not do anything that puts strain on your mouth and teeth,
  • Avoid biting hard objects,

can be shown.

Advantages of Zirconium Veneers 

The Zirconium Dental Veneer method, which is applied to people for different purposes and reasons, has many different advantages. Among these advantages;

  • Since the light transmittance of the Zirconium Veneer is close to the natural tooth, it looks very natural and aesthetic compared to other dental veneers.
  • Since it is a tissue-friendly material, the body easily accepts it and thus does not cause gingival bruises and irritations.
  • Since it is a white alloy, the gray appearance that occurs at the junction of the gum with the coating, which can be encountered in metal-supported porcelains, does not occur over time.
  • It has a resistant structure.
  • It has very little heat permeability. Therefore, it does not cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Since it has a color close to the natural tooth color, it adds a natural aesthetic appearance to the patient.
  • It is ensured that the patient achieves the desired aesthetic appearance.

can be shown.

Zirconium Veneer Prices 

People reach our clinic for the treatment of aesthetic and functional problems in their teeth for different reasons and very often ask us how much Zirconium Dental Veneers Prices are in 2023.

First of all, it should be known that it is not correct to specify any fee without a preliminary examination of the patient in the applications performed in the field of health. As a result of the examination to be performed by the Specialist Dentist, the treatment process and price can be clearly stated to the patient.

Zirconium Veneer Prices There are many issues that cause differences in 2023. Among these issues;

  • The patient's mouth and tooth structure,
  • The genetic structure and age of the person to receive Zirconium Veneer,
  • Aesthetic - functional problems in the patient's mouth and teeth,
  • The level of staining, decay, yellowing and deformation of the person's teeth,
  • The type and number of Zirconium Dental Veneers to be applied to the patient,
  • The experience of the clinic and dentist who will perform the treatment,

can be shown.

Call us now to have Zirconium Dental Veneers treatment and to eliminate the aesthetic and functional problems that occur in your teeth for different reasons and to have the natural, beautiful and aesthetic smile you dream of...



Number of Operations


Operation Duration

4-6 clock


Local Anesthesia

Sensitivity Process

1 - 3 Day

Return to Work Period

1 Day

Full Recovery

7 Day

Persistence of Results


Length of Stay in Hospital

1 Day

Aesthetic Dentistry treatment method in which the patient's tooth surfaces are covered with zirconium material in order to eliminate many aesthetic and functional problems such as discoloration, decay, which occur in people's teeth for different reasons is called Zirconium Veneers.

The average lifespan of the result obtained after Zirconium Veneer application is between 10 and 15 years, although it varies from person to person. This period exceeds 20 years if the person exhibits the right behaviors and does not neglect oral and dental care.

When Zirconium Veneers and Porcelain Veneers are compared, Zirconium is much more advantageous in terms of light transmittance. This helps the teeth to have a natural appearance after Zirconium Veneers. However, Zirconium Dental Veneers are also at the forefront in terms of gum compatibility.

The prices of applications in the field of health vary depending on many different situations. For this reason, you need to reach our clinic using our communication channels to get the most accurate price.

Zirconium teeth have a durability and resistance that can be expressed as almost impossible to break. We can say that Zirconium Teeth will not break if the person does not do a behavior that will cause the teeth to break or if he/she does not have a serious accident.

Laminated Dental Veneers treatment is much more expensive compared to Zirconium Dental Veneers. In addition, while Laminated Veneers are only applied to the front part of the tooth, Zirconium Veneers are applied to the entire circumference of the tooth.

Both veneers are made using digital studies and designs. The person can have the aesthetic smile and snow-white teeth he/she dreams of after Zirconium or Laminated Tooth.

Zirconium Teeth do not turn yellow even if time passes. There is no plaque or bacteria accumulation over time on Zirconium Teeth, which have a slippery and smooth structure. Even if the person uses tea, coffee and cigarettes, if he/she does not neglect oral and dental care, the snow-white image obtained after Zirconium Dental Veneers is preserved.

Zirconium Tooth has a structure that can be used for many years and is not subject to yellowing and decay. Since Zirconium Teeth are produced and placed with high quality and workmanship, they do not decay in the area where they are placed.

Zirconium Teeth, which are precisely placed in place with the fine measurements made during the Zirconium Tooth Coating process, are a safe application by not allowing the formation of bacteria in the area.

As all individuals should do, people who have Zirconium Dental Veneers should brush their teeth correctly and regularly at least 2 times a day. In addition, cleaning the residues between the teeth by using dental floss and super floss every day will allow the person to maintain oral and dental health.

Zirconium Teeth do not cause any bad breath in people. Bad breath is seen in people who do not pay attention to oral and dental hygiene and lose the health of teeth and gums as a result of this process.

The reason why zirconium teeth are more expensive than old-style metal-based porcelains is that the materials used in the production phase are more expensive. Zirconium material is more expensive than the nickel alloy used in the production of metal-based porcelains. In addition, the Zirconium Tooth production process is more challenging than the old type of veneers. All these reasons cause Zirconium Teeth to be more expensive.

All of the people who have Zirconium Dental Veneers in our clinic are very satisfied with the image formed at the end of the process. The use of a structure that will transmit light during Zirconium Veneers compared to old-style veneers makes this application natural, aesthetic and preferable.

Nowadays, some aesthetic dental applications are covered by the SSI for a certain period of time. You can find out how much support you can get for zirconium in the most accurate way by contacting SGK.