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Pink Aesthetics or Gingival Aesthetics, as it is popularly known, is a Smile Design application in which the improvements and adjustments needed in the structure or color of the gums of people are made.

In order for people to achieve the Aesthetic Smile they dream of, only interventions to their mouth and teeth may not be enough. Pink Aesthetics is an Aesthetic Dentistry treatment method that is applied to people with aesthetic or functional disorders in the gums and complements the Smile Design.

The main purpose of Pink Aesthetic applications is to restore the gums to a healthy and aesthetic structure. It should be known that the structure of the gums is as important as the teeth for an Aesthetic Smile. As a result of this treatment, while the person achieves the Aesthetic Smile he/she dreams of, he/she also gets rid of the health problems he/she is experiencing.

As a result of Pink Aesthetic treatment, the person's gums, which have a dark color, bleed periodically and have an inflamed structure; It becomes an aesthetic state that is light pink, healthy, free of any infection and not subject to bleeding.

Today, the most frequently requested Aesthetic Dentistry application is Smile Design. As a result of this application, it is as important to treat the gums as the interventions to be performed on the teeth in order to achieve the desired result. The procedures performed on the gums within the scope of Pink Aesthetics support the Smile Design by gradually eliminating the existing problems.

Among the aesthetic problems experienced in the gums, disorders between the gingival levels, papillae, zenik points, gingival thickness and color problems can be shown. In order to achieve the desired smile, all the above-mentioned Gum Problems are eliminated quickly with Pink Aesthetic treatment.

Just as a beautiful frame photo adds a different atmosphere, aesthetic gums provide the integrity of the teeth in the same way, allowing the person to have an attractive smile.

Pink Aesthetic treatment, which we apply for people who reach our clinic to have the beautiful, natural and aesthetic smile they desire, makes the gums healthy and compatible with the teeth. Our dentists, who are experts in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, achieve the desired result by using personalized techniques.

In ESTPOINT clinics, which provide Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial health services, as a result of Pink Aesthetics applications performed by dentists specialized in Dental Aesthetics, the deformations in the gums of the people are rapidly eliminated and it is aimed to create the aesthetic appearance imagined.

In order to quickly eliminate the aesthetic problems in your teeth and gums, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment, and you can create the most suitable treatment plan for you by being examined by Aesthetic Dentistry Specialists who provide treatment services within ESTPOINT.

What is Pink Aesthetics 

Pink Aesthetics is a Gingival Aesthetics treatment method applied to eliminate the asymmetrical appearance and gum discoloration in people's gums. As a result of this application, the gums surrounding people's teeth are provided to reach a perfect structure.

Inflammation, bleeding, recession and color changes can be shown among the main problems that can occur in people's gums for different reasons. The main purpose of Pink Aesthetic applications is to ensure harmony between teeth and gums by treating the gums.

Among the applications performed within the scope of Pink Aesthetic treatment;

  • Gummy Smile
  • Gingivectomy
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Lip Positioning
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Curettage
  • Operation Flap

can be specified.

Within the scope of Gingival Aesthetics, i.e. Pink Aesthetic applications, the gums hanging over the teeth of the person are shortened and the gums that are far from the teeth are positioned correctly. Disorders in the gums (such as gingival bleeding, gingivitis, gingival recession, gingival swelling) are treated by a specialist dentist.

However, we can understand the health of people's gums by checking their color. If the person's gums are bright, smooth, pinkish and fully grasp the tooth, they can be called healthy; if they are faded, receding, swollen, bruised and inflamed, they can be called problematic.

After the Pink Aesthetic treatment applied to people with problematic gums, it will be seen that the gums of the person's gums take on the healthy structure described above. The specialist doctor in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry will decide which Pink Aesthetic treatment methods will be applied to the patient during the treatment process.

Who Can Get Pink Aesthetics 

Pink Aesthetics is an Aesthetic Dentistry treatment method that can be applied quickly to all individuals who complain about the appearance and health of their gums. However, this treatment is also applied to people who do not have any health problems in their gums, but whose gums do not create the desired aesthetic appearance at the moment of smiling.

Pink Aesthetic treatment is a complex application that offers aesthetics and health together. Among the people and conditions for which this application is performed;

  • Individuals whose gums appear too much,
  • People with one of their gums too high,
  • People with a large amount of space between teeth,
  • Patients with swollen or inflamed gums,
  • Individuals whose gums have lost their natural color,

can be shown.

In Which Cases Pink Aesthetics is Performed 

Pink Aesthetics is an aesthetic dentistry technique applied to treat all kinds of discomfort that may occur in people's gums for different reasons. Pink Aesthetic applications are among the most preferred cases;

  • Crooked teeth causing problems in the gums,
  • Inflamed and swollen gums,
  • Bruised or discolored gums,
  • Gum recession,
  • Gum enlargement,
  • Teeth appear short due to gums,
  • Excessive exposure of the gums when smiling,

can be specified.

How to do Pink Aesthetics

Before the Pink Aesthetic application, the specialist dentist performs the necessary examinations to determine the health status of the patient's gums and to determine the factors that disrupt the aesthetic appearance. In this process, the patient tells the dentist about the gum problems he/she complains about.

The specialist in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry performs all necessary examinations to clearly analyze the patient's condition and determine the source of the problem. X-rays of the patient's teeth are taken and the details of the embedded gums are obtained.

After determining the conditions that negatively affect the patient's dental aesthetics, the most appropriate Pink Aesthetic treatment methods are started to be applied to improve these problems. First of all, methods such as crown lengthening, tooth lengthening and gum filing are applied to the patient to remove excess gums.

After this process, if deemed necessary, techniques such as botox, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty that concern the patient's lip tissue are activated. If all these treatment methods are applied by an Aesthetic Dentist, the desired result is obtained quickly.

Pink Aesthetic treatment is carried out in the light of data and analyzes obtained in the digital environment using all the possibilities brought by modern technology to health applications. In this way, the success rate of the application increases very high, and the person reaches the smile he/she dreams of at a rate approaching 100%.

Pink Aesthetic Recovery Time

The patient's recovery process after Pink Aesthetics may vary according to the variety of techniques applied to eliminate the problems experienced in the person. The healing process after Pink Aesthetic treatment is usually between 7 and 10 days.

However, some applications may require re-intervention at the end of the treatment. It is very important that the patient does not neglect oral and dental care between sessions. The person should meticulously apply tooth brushing and other care recommended by the Aesthetic Dentist.

As a result of the complete completion of this whole process, Pink Aesthetics Before and After photos clearly reveal the change obtained.

Which Treatments Pink Aesthetics Includes 

Pink Aesthetics is an aesthetic dentistry treatment method applied with patient-specific techniques, taking into account the problems and complaints people experience in their gums. The treatment method to be applied is determined according to the causes of the discomfort in the patient's gums.

The most common methods and details within the scope of Pink Aesthetic treatment;

  • Crown Lengthening: It is a Pink Aesthetic treatment method applied to people whose gum tissue appears more than 3 mm during smiling. In this process, also called Tooth Lengthening or Tooth Lengthening, the excess gum tissue in the person is removed. In the process of Crown Lengthening, which is one of the treatment methods applied within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry, techniques such as Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Flap Surgery and Surgical Extrusion can be utilized.
  • Regenerative : The treatment method in which new and living tissues are developed to repair these tissues instead of diseased tissues is called Regenerative medicine. Within the framework of Pink Aesthetic treatment, gum diseases may cause damage to gum tissues in some cases. In such cases, some body mechanisms are stimulated and restructured by some special methods applied.
  • Gingival Ruffling: Within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry applications, the shaping process using laser to bring the gums to the desired shape is called Gingival Ruffling. This procedure is usually performed due to the excessive appearance of the gums during speech or smile and accordingly, the tooth lengths do not appear equal. Gums are brought to the desired levels as a result of the Gingival File Treatment performed using advanced laser technology.

We can state it as.

How Long Does Pink Aesthetics Last

Pink Aesthetic treatment duration varies from person to person. This is because each patient experiences gum problems for different reasons and at different levels. Patients who reach our clinic and decide to have Pink Aesthetics as a result of the problems detected in their gums are informed about the techniques and treatment time to be applied specifically for their condition.

Pink Aesthetic applications and their average duration;

  • Total Care - Scaling: Single Session & 1 Hour
  • Gummy Smile (Botox) : 1 to 2 Sessions & 20 to 30 Minutes
  • Curettage (For Single Tooth) : 1 to 2 Sessions & 1.5 to 2 Hours
  • Gingivectomy (For Single Tooth) : 1 to 2 Sessions & 30 to 60 Minutes
  • Gingivectomy (Half Jaw) : 1 to 2 Sessions & 30 to 60 Minutes
  • Pink Aesthetics : 1 to 2 Sessions & 1 Hour

as Pink Aesthetics.

Above, we wanted to give you an average of Pink Aesthetic application types, duration and number of sessions. After the examination to be performed by the Aesthetic Dentist in our clinic, the procedures and duration required for you will be clearly stated.

Is Pink Aesthetics Permanent

The bright, flawless and attractive smile obtained as a result of Pink Aesthetic applications will maintain its permanence as long as the person takes care of oral and dental care. During the treatment process, while the gums of the person are made healthy, the aesthetically desired structure is achieved.

After Pink Aesthetics 

As in all other health applications after Pink Aesthetic treatment, there are some situations that should be considered in order to achieve the desired result and to protect the health of the person. Among the situations specified to the patient by the Aesthetic Dentist after the application and requested to be taken care of;

  • Very hot and cold foods and drinks should not be consumed for the first 2 to 3 days after treatment.
  • Care should be taken when eating foods such as hard and crusted fruits, vegetables and nuts after the procedure.
  • After the application, the patient should fulfill daily oral and dental care without interruption.
  • The patient should come to the clinic for follow-up at intervals determined by the aesthetic dentist.

can be shown.

Advantages of Pink Aesthetics

Pink Aesthetic treatment not only has the effect of bringing the gums to the desired structure in terms of appearance, but also ensures that the person has healthy gums and thus healthy mouth - tooth structure. For this reason, we can define Pink Aesthetic treatment as an application that has serious benefits for human health.

Thanks to the treatment of gums with Pink Aesthetic applications, many diseases such as gum-related bone resorption and tooth loss are prevented. Among the advantages of Pink Aesthetic treatment for people;

The formation of gingivitis is prevented.

  • Teeth are made symmetrical.
  • The gums become compatible in terms of texture and color.
  • Tooth decay and related tooth loss problems are prevented.
  • Recession, inflammation, bleeding and bruising of the gums are prevented.
  • The person is allowed to smile freely.
  • Teeth and gums are made to shine and look pink.
  • Gum and related bad breath is prevented.

can be shown.

Pink Aesthetic Prices 

People start to lose their freedom to laugh and speak as they desire and experience self-confidence deficiencies due to aesthetic problems seen in their gums for different reasons. When people who are exposed to these problems reach our clinic to solve their problems, the most common question they convey is how much Pink Aesthetic Prices are in 2023.

We invite the person to our clinic by saying that it would not be correct to specify a price without examining the person in the applications made in the field of health. As a result of the examination to be performed by our specialist doctor in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, the treatment process and fee can be clearly stated to the patient.

There are many situations that lead to differences in Pink Aesthetic Fees. Among these situations;

  • The patient's mouth, teeth, gums and jaw structure,
  • Problems in the person's gums,
  • Treatment methods to be applied to the patient within the scope of Pink Aesthetics,
  • Genetic structure and age of the patient who will undergo Pink Aesthetics,
  • The experience of the clinic and dentist who will perform the treatment,

We can list them in the form of.

Call Us Now to get rid of the smile deterioration that occurs as a result of aesthetic disorders you experience in your gums for different reasons by having Pink Aesthetics and to have the natural, beautiful and aesthetic smile you dream of...



Number of Operations


Operation Duration

4-6 clock


Local Anesthesia

Sensitivity Process

1 - 3 Day

Return to Work Period

1 Day

Full Recovery

7 Day

Persistence of Results


Length of Stay in Hospital

1 Day