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Teeth Whitening treatment is a dentistry practice in which teeth are whitened by operations to be performed on the enamel layer of teeth that have lost their natural color for different reasons. During this treatment, Teeth Whitening is applied in the tone that will be most suitable for the person's mouth structure and the natural appearance of the teeth.

In order for the teeth whitening application to be 100% compatible with the color tone and mouth structure of the individual's teeth, it would be the most correct behavior to be performed by specialist dentists in clinical conditions.

Today, the most basic condition that allows people to have an aesthetic smile is white teeth that have a natural appearance and shine and shine at the same time. However, having an appropriate and aesthetic mouth appearance with the facial structure of the person supports the process of aesthetic smile.

Teeth Whitening Methods enable people to have white teeth that are compatible with their skin, face and mouth structure, and also in natural-looking tones.

After the Teeth Whitening treatment, which is one of the most valuable parts of the Smile Design application carried out within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry, individuals feel much happier and more self-confident in their daily and business lives.

With our expert dentists serving within EST Point and our clinical conditions prepared by using all the possibilities of modern technology, we carry out successful applications that will help our patients in all matters they need regarding Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial health, especially Teeth Whitening.

You can contact us immediately and make an appointment and have Teeth Whitening application under the control of our specialist dentists, with ESTPoint guarantee and quality; With a safe, comfortable and effective treatment method, you can quickly have white, bright and shining teeth that are compatible with your mouth and face structure and are 100% suitable with the general color tone of your teeth.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

People's teeth can turn yellow for many different reasons. The main condition that causes yellowing in the teeth can be stated as the person's lack of attention to oral and dental care.

In order to keep the mouth and teeth healthy in humans, it is necessary to brush at least 2 times a day and with the right brushing technique from childhood. It should be added to this care routine that the dentist visits the clinic at certain periods during the year and performs oral and dental check-ups by a specialist dentist.

Today, among the conditions that cause yellowing in people's teeth and lead to teeth whitening applications;

  • Disruption of oral, dental and gingival care,
  • Disruption of dentist checks that should be carried out during the year,
  • Genetic features and some chronic diseases that are exposed,
  • Frequent consumption of unhealthy beverages (such as tea, coffee, cola)
  • Using intense sauces in meals (such as soy, curry, tomato sauce)
  • Excessive use of cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Consumption of unhealthy foods
  • Negative effects of some drugs that should be used continuously,
  • Loss of color and vitality in teeth as a result of aging,

can be displayed.

If the teeth whitening applications are carried out by specialist doctors in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry in the clinical environment, people can quickly get rid of the yellowing tooth problem with a safe and comfortable treatment process.

What is Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the whole of the processes applied to the tooth enamel in order to regain the natural color of the teeth that have lost their color as a result of different situations that occur in people over time, and to have a white, shining and radiant appearance.

A white smile is the dream of every individual. People think about tooth color when smiling and talking. Many reasons lead to staining and darkening of the teeth, especially the negative habits, consumption of harmful foods and beverages, and disruption of oral and dental care.

Teeth Whitening applications are one of the aesthetic dentistry methods made to make the teeth look aesthetically healthy and beautiful. If it is carried out under the control of dentists who are experts in this field, there is no harm to the person's health or mouth-tooth structure.

Teeth Whitening applications can cause serious and permanent damage to the teeth if they are performed using products such as gel and paint without the approval of the dentist. However, as a result of the procedures carried out under the control of the Specialist Dentist, the whitened teeth can remain white for a long time if the necessary oral dental care and cleaning is done.

Teeth Whitening Methods

Although teeth whitening can be done with many different techniques, it is basically performed in 2 different classes as Office Type Teeth Whitening and Home Type Teeth Whitening.

Tooth Bleaching, which is performed by specialist dentists who are competent in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, in a clinical setting and takes approximately 1 hour, is called Office Type Whitening.

In Office Type Teeth Whitening applications, the gel that is applied to the tooth surface and has a whitening effect is interacted with the light emanating from a special device designed for this application. With this method, which is an application that gives very fast results, it is ensured that the person has the natural, bright and white teeth that they desire in 3 to 4 sessions on average.

Apart from Office Type Whitening, Home Whitening can be shown as another Teeth Whitening method preferred by people. With this method, the desired results are obtained in a much longer time compared to Office Type Teeth Whitening applications.

Depending on the amount of yellowing in the patient's teeth, satisfactory results can be obtained at the end of an application period of 1 week to 10 days. Before the treatment, a personalized mouthpiece is prepared. The whitening gels placed in the mouthpiece are applied to the teeth between 4 and 8 hours a day, and the dreamed bright and white teeth are achieved.

Can Teeth Whitening Methods Be Used Together?

The methods applied within the scope of Teeth Whitening treatment can be applied together with Office Type Teeth Whitening and Home Type Teeth Whitening techniques if the general condition of the person's mouth and teeth, the size of the aesthetic problems and if the teeth need to turn white quickly.

However, it should be known that both the Home Type Bleaching technique and the Office Type Bleaching technique offer the desired results. However, it is stated as the most successful method because every moment of Office Type Teeth Whitening applications are carried out under clinical conditions under the control of specialist dentists and the procedures are performed using devices that produce laser beams.

How To Whiten Teeth

Teeth Whitening applications, taking into account the existing conditions such as staining, discoloration, darkening of the teeth of the person; After evaluating the patient's wishes and genetic structure, the most appropriate method is determined.

As a result of the examination performed by a specialist in the field of aesthetic dentistry, the patient and the dentist decide on the method of teeth whitening to be applied by exchanging ideas in the light of the data obtained.

Today, Teeth Whitening methods applied to people who want to remove yellowing and staining on their teeth;

  1. Office Type Teeth Whitening: It is a teeth whitening application performed by specialist dentists in a clinic environment and lasting approximately 1 hour. Known as the safest and most successful Teeth Whitening application, this method is performed using a gel applied to the teeth and light emitted from a specially designed device. Although it may vary depending on the patient's tooth structure, 3 to 5 tons of discoloration occurs. After this application, in which the desired result is achieved by 100%, the patient's attention to oral and dental care will help to preserve the results.
  2. Home Type Teeth Whitening: In this method, molds are prepared according to the measurements taken from the patient examined. The person is asked to apply gel at home by placing gel in these molds at home. This technique, which is applied for about 5 hours a day, is performed for 1 week to 10 days depending on the aesthetic problems that the patient is exposed to. This treatment can be applied together with Office Type Whitening if the specialist dentist deems it necessary.
  3. Internal Bleaching: In this technique, teeth are whitened from the inside out. Root canal treatment In this method, which is also known as Teeth Whitening or Lifeless Tooth Bleaching, the patient is first treated and the pulp is removed. Sodium perborate placed inside the tooth helps to whiten the tooth by solving the discoloration problem. This method, which is not frequently preferred, is applied in mandatory situations.
  4. Mechanical Teeth Whitening: The process of removing the yellowing of the teeth and regaining their natural colors as a result of cleaning the tartar collected around the teeth of people or close to the tooth roots is called Mechanical Teeth Whitening. In this method, whitening is obtained as a result of polishing after the teeth are completely cleared of tartar.
  5. Teeth Bleaching Bleaching: Teeth Whitening Bleaching method is an aesthetic dental treatment method that was started to be used primarily in America and Europe, and is also applied in our country with positive results. In this method, teeth whitening is performed using a special drug. In this technique, which has no harm to human health, sensitivity occurs in the patient's teeth for the first 12 hours. This application is a method that should be performed by specialist dentists in clinical conditions.

We can explain as.

Sensitivity and glare may occur in the teeth of the person for the first 2 to 3 days after teeth whitening applications. At the end of this period, this feeling goes away on its own.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Persistence is directly proportional to the care the patient will show to oral and dental care. In addition, paying attention to eating and drinking habits and avoiding behaviors that cause yellowing in the teeth will also make Teeth Whitening Treatment permanent.

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Effect Last?

The duration of the results obtained after teeth whitening applications increases in direct proportion to the person's attention to the situations specified by the specialist dentist who performs the treatment.

The arrangements that can be made in daily life such as not disrupting the oral and dental care of the person, eating healthy and avoiding negative habits will have a positive effect on the health of the individual, and it can be ensured that the natural, bright, white and shiny teeth obtained after Teeth Whitening can remain this way for several years.

Teeth Whitening Products

Today, the increasing demand and awareness of Teeth Whitening applications lead to the emergence of products that support the process in addition to Teeth Whitening. Among the products that will support this process after the teeth whitening treatment performed by specialist dentists in clinical conditions;

  • Teeth Whitening Gels,
  • Teeth Whitening Pastes,
  • Teeth Whitening and Cleaning Powders,
  • Tooth Cleaning Pen,

can be displayed.

Despite the different materials, brands, prices and effects, the common purpose of all products is the whiteness and cleanliness of the teeth. With correct and regular use under the control of the dentist, it is much easier to have white teeth and beautiful smiles thanks to these products.

Teeth Whitening Gel

One of the products used for teeth whitening is Teeth Whitening Gel. Thanks to the papain and bromelain it contains, it prevents stains and yellowing in the enamel and dentin structure of our teeth with its cleansing effect.

With the help of a special brush, it whitens yellowing and stains with the effect of oxygenation. It also strengthens the layers of tooth enamel, prevents plaque accumulation and provides a whitening effect. Regular use is very important for them.

Teeth Whitening Paste

Teeth whiteness is very important for people to have healthy and beautiful-looking teeth. There are different options such as many gels, natural products and pastes used for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Paste can make teeth healthier than before, as well as not harming tooth enamel. Whitening toothpastes that do not contain chemicals such as peroxide, titanium dioxide and potassium nitrate are completely designed to improve dental health and whiten. If used regularly, we can achieve permanent white and healthy teeth for years.

To Whom Teeth Whitening Is Not Applied?

First of all, Teeth Whitening can be applied to all individuals who have different health problems who experience yellowing in their teeth.

It is not recommended to treat some people with special conditions and who are found to have different problems at the end of the teeth whitening application.

Among the people who are not considered suitable for Teeth Whitening Treatment and the situations they experience;

  • People whose tooth roots are exposed,
  • Patients with gum problems,
  • People with cavities and tooth sensitivities,
  • In individuals who are pregnant and under the age of 15,
  • In people who will create color difference after fillings and bleaching in their front teeth,

can be displayed.

Before the teeth whitening treatment, all these conditions are checked during the examination in the clinic and the application is made to the appropriate people.

Teeth Whitening Prices

The most common question asked by people who have aesthetic problems such as yellowing, staining, darkening and a pale appearance in their teeth for different reasons, and therefore cannot laugh freely, speak as they wish, and have loss of self-confidence, is how much is Teeth Whitening Prices in 2023.

We invite the person to our clinic by saying that it would not be right to specify a price without examining the person in applications in the field of health. As a result of the examination to be made by the specialist dentist, the treatment process and cost can be clearly stated to the patient.

Teeth Whitening Prices vary depending on many situations. Among the factors that cause changes in prices;

  • Genetic characteristics and age of the patient,
  • The person's mouth, teeth and gum structure,
  • The extent of yellowing and discoloration of the teeth,
  • Teeth Whitening method to be used during treatment,
  • The number of sessions required to achieve the desired result,
  • Experience of the physician and clinic who will perform the application,

can be displayed.

Call Us Now in order to eliminate the discoloration of your teeth such as yellowing, staining and darkening due to different reasons, with Teeth Whitening application, and to have the natural, beautiful and aesthetic smile you dream of...



Number of Operations


Operation Duration

4-6 clock


Local Anesthesia

Sensitivity Process

1 - 3 Day

Return to Work Period

1 Day

Full Recovery

7 Day

Persistence of Results


Length of Stay in Hospital

1 Day

People who want to whiten their teeth in the fastest way should reach our clinic without wasting time and have teeth whitening applications performed by our expert dentists.

In addition, applying the mixture of lemon and baking soda to the teeth with the help of a toothbrush is a natural application that supports the treatment methods performed in the clinical environment and achieving the desired results.

To have a healthy and clean appearance, tooth whitening is a very important issue. Since how we look to the other person, most importantly how we feel ourselves, has an important effect in this sense, teeth whitening is very important. It is also possible to do this at home.

Natural methods at home, with the help of a dentist and the use of the right paste and gel, help us to have healthier, whiter and cleaner teeth. A balanced diet is also one of these methods.

According to the recommendation of some dentists, you can get whiter and cleaner teeth with a 2-week diet consisting of fiber foods. Among these fibrous foods, carrots and celery are the most consumed foods. These foods clean the plaque left on your teeth after eating and increase saliva, the natural cleaning agent of the mouth.

Bleaching is the process of whitening the teeth of people with yellowing, staining and discoloration of their teeth for different reasons with the help of chemical substances. Teeth whitening is a treatment performed by our dentists with materials and methods that can only be used by dentists, containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten the discoloration of the tooth enamel and dentin layer.

In order to have whiter teeth, many products and methods such as whitening toothpastes, gels and teeth whitening products provided to the patient by the dentist are used. Of course, which method should be applied in teeth whitening treatment should be decided by dentists.

People's tooth color varies depending on many factors. Intensive consumption of acidic and carbonated drinks, colored and sugary foods, smoking and even aging can darken your tooth color. Teeth whitening can lighten your tooth color by a few tones.

When determining the prices of the teeth whitening process, factors such as the selected treatment method (office type - laser - home type), the experience of the dentist, the dental clinic where you will be treated, the materials used in the treatment, the oral and dental health status of the patient, the degree of teeth whitening, and if necessary, the repetition of the teeth whitening process are taken into consideration.

You can contact us using our communication channels to get detailed information about Teeth Whitening applications and Teeth Whitening Fees.

Teeth Whitening is a set of treatments that we apply to your teeth that have been exposed to too many physical and chemical effects and whose color has yellowed. As a result of the treatment, your teeth will have a whiter and healthier color. You can get healthier smiles at the end of the teeth whitening process.

We can talk about three different types of Teeth Whitening. These are office whitening, laser whitening and home whitening. In terms of being healthier and safer, we recommend in-office whitening and laser whitening under the control of our dentists.

Our teeth whitening procedures, which are planned by our dentists in our clinics according to your needs, take an average of 1 hour. At the end of this 1-hour application, you will have white and healthy teeth. The color of your teeth can be lightened up to 4 tones with the whitening gel we use.

Teeth Whitening treatment is generally considered suitable for our adult and young patients. It will be very good to apply your oral and dental health to avoid problems such as sensitivity in your teeth after treatment.

The success of discoloration is quite good in teeth that have lost or continue to lose their whiteness after teeth whitening. If you have any dental health problems before starting the treatment, it is important to treat your teeth first. For this reason, your dental health is checked and a treatment plan is drawn up under the control of our dentist before treatment.

Laser Teeth Whitening is a treatment performed by our dentists with materials and methods containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which can only be used by dentists, to whiten the discoloration of the tooth enamel and dentin layer.

Before the Laser Teeth Whitening treatment is started, our dentists, who are experts in their field, check whether the patient is suitable for the treatment.

As a first step, our patient's teeth are cleaned. After this process is completed, a protector is worn to prevent damage to the gums and lips. Gel is applied to the teeth of our patient and irradiations are started at 30-second intervals. The duration of the irradiations varies with the oral and dental structure of our patient. In the last step, the gels are cleaned, the intraoral protective apparatus is removed and the procedure is completed.

In our clinic, the treatment is supported by teeth whitening at home within the program determined by our specialist dentists and if needed.

Whitening procedures performed in our clinics under the control of our dentists will not harm your teeth. There are many articles and researches showing that there is no harm to the teeth of patients who have undergone teeth whitening treatment.

The most important issue you should pay attention to is that you should never use products containing harmful substances that are not controlled in the market. Teeth whitening products used without consulting a dentist and teeth whitening methods touted as natural can cause structural defects in your teeth and even tooth loss.

Another very important point is that some whitening products on the market contain abrasives. These products are mostly sold in paste form. In unconscious long-term use, they cause tooth erosion and weak teeth.

Teeth whitening will be better and whiter than before for a lifetime. However, staying as white as the first day of treatment is directly proportional to our patients taking care of their oral care and following our recommendations.

After teeth whitening treatment, we inform our patients about the damage rates of the food and beverages they consume to their teeth and tooth color.

For example, if our patients who drink tea and coffee very often neglect their oral and dental care, it makes it difficult to maintain the results we achieve with teeth whitening. We also advise our patients who smoke a large amount of cigarettes daily to pay extra attention to their dental care and not to neglect it.

Apart from these, we recommend an extra maintenance procedure in our clinic once every 2 to 4 years depending on the coloration after teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening is done with many different products. Our dentists complete the procedures in a healthy and successful way by using the most appropriate method for your situation.

The scientifically proven whitening efficacy of some unregulated imported teeth whitening products and their harmful effects on your teeth are controversial.

These gels, which are put on the market with the slogan that you can whiten your teeth yourself at home, cause permanent damage to your teeth because they contain acid and abrasive substances.

Unfortunately, although they continue to be sold in our country in this way, most of these products are banned for use in America and Europe.

One of the most common questions in the applications to our clinic is "Can I have a whitening procedure at a young age?". Teeth whitening treatment can also be applied at a young age. We apply teeth whitening treatment to our young patients who have completed 18 years of age and do not have any sensitivity in their teeth. 

The main criterion here is that the teeth have completed the necessary maturity stage. Even at a young age, the yellow color of the teeth will be a sufficient reason for treatment. The teeth of our patients who undergo whitening treatment will have an aesthetic appearance.

No... Teeth Whitening applied with the correct procedure under the control of our dentists will not cause any damage to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening does not cause any structural changes or permanent damage to your teeth. Teeth whitening procedure applied by our dentists is one of the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment solutions.

Compared to porcelain dental veneers (zirconium, laminated), teeth whitening is an easier, reliable, economical and more protective procedure because it does not erode the teeth.

Teeth Whitening does not cause any harm to your teeth. It is a fast, reliable and effective method. Compared to other restorative methods (bonding, veneers, etc.), it is more economical, easy and effortless.

Home Teeth Whitening techniques are highly preferred methods. This is also possible with natural methods and the guidance of dentists. If we briefly count the natural methods; fruit enzymes, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, bay leaf, orange peel, salt, vinegar and many more natural applications can be shown.

When brushing your teeth, you should mix baking soda with lemon or salt and vinegar and apply it to your toothbrush and repeat this 2 or 3 times a week. Baking soda can also be mixed with cinnamon and sage to have the same effect. There are studies showing that some fruit enzymes added to toothpaste are effective in teeth whitening.

Finally, frequent tooth brushing after consuming food and beverages that will discolor your teeth and cause stains will help prevent discoloration of your teeth and prevent discoloration.

After the teeth whitening process is completed, minimizing the consumption of foods that can color teeth such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, cherry juice helps you maintain your white teeth after the procedure.

Another thing to pay attention to is to take care of your oral and dental care. Quitting smoking or reducing your smoking habits will prevent tooth discoloration to a great extent.

Finally, brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, reducing or completely stopping sugary foods and drinks, and paying attention to routine dental examinations will keep your teeth white for a long time.