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Transparent Plaque Treatment (Invisalign)

Transparent Plaque is an Orthodontic Treatment method applied to people who have misalignment of their teeth for different reasons, such as crookedness and separation, to have the aesthetic and healthy mouth-tooth structure they dream of.

There are many different Orthodontic Treatment methods to improve orthodontic problems in people's teeth. Among these methods, the application that offers the closest opportunities to the treatment process desired by people in terms of aesthetics is Invasilign, that is, Transparent Plaque treatment.

This application, also known as Wireless Orthodontics, offers the desired results without the need for any wire appearance in the mouth during the treatment process in people who do not have severe crookedness, separation, and crooked teeth.

For people who are uncomfortable with the misalignment of their teeth but do not want to have braces, the best solution is Invisaling, that is, Transparent Plaque. As a result of the examination performed by expert orthodontists using digital opportunities, Transparent Plaques specific to the needs of the person and the mouth structure are produced and the treatment is started.

In this process, managed by an Orthodontist, the required number of Transparent Plaques are produced so that the person has the desired mouth-tooth structure. These plates, which are used sequentially in certain periods, provide the desired flawless appearance.

As a result of the application of the most suitable Transparent Plaque Treatment to the people by the Specialist Orthodontists in the dental clinics serving in many different locations within the body of EST Point in Turkey and abroad, it is ensured that the person achieves the aesthetic mouth-tooth structure and the perfect smile.

As a result of Invisalign applications performed by specialist dentists in ESTPoint clinics, which provide oral, dental and maxillofacial health services, it is aimed to create the imagined aesthetic appearance by quickly eliminating the misalignment in the teeth of the people.

You can contact us and make an appointment to eliminate the crookedness, gaps and irregularities in your teeth with a treatment process that will not disturb you from an aesthetic point of view, and you can create the most suitable treatment Transparent Plaque treatment plan for you by being examined by the Specialist Orthodontists who provide treatment services within EST Point.

What is Transparent Plaque Treatment

Wireless Orthodontic treatment, also known as Transparent Plaque, Invisalign Orthodontics, is the treatment of the patient's teeth without the use of metal or porcelain wires. During this treatment, a specially designed plate is prepared and these plates are used during the treatment.

Plaques with a transparent structure and appearance applied to the teeth in the treatment of Transparent Plaque are a type of Orthodontic Treatment that can be inserted and removed by the patient and cannot be noticed from the outside.

Invisalign applications are generally preferred by patients who have aesthetic concerns and do not want it to be obvious that they are using braces, when viewed from the outside, when the position of their teeth or structural tooth disorders are not desired to be noticed.

Transparent Plaque treatment is an orthodontic treatment. In other words, it is a procedure in which the structural or positional disorders of the teeth are treated. In this treatment process applied to the patient, the patient can remove the transparent plaques specially prepared for his teeth whenever he wants. In other words, the usage areas of the transparent plates are determined by the patient himself.

What is Invisaling
Invisaling Transparent Orthodontic treatment, which means treatment, is one of the treatment applications applied to teeth with structural and positional disorders. Invisaling is a Digital Orthodontic Treatment technology and is produced specifically for the patient's tooth size and the patient's tooth structure.

It is not noticed from the outside that the patients are treated with this treatment method, which offers ease of use and also treats structural tooth disorders, and it also prevents the aesthetic concerns of the patients.

The most important reason for choosing the Transparent Plaque treatment, which is frequently preferred by the patients, is the feature of not spoiling the aesthetic appearance.

During metal braces treatments, the procedures applied to the patient's teeth are noticed, that is, it is understood from the outside. This situation disturbs people with social or aesthetic anxiety. It is a procedure that is often preferred by individuals who want to avoid such situations but want to protect their Aesthetic Smile Design or dental health.

Transparent Plaque Orthodontics is a treatment method in which the areas of use are determined according to the patient's preference, and in order for the treatment to achieve successful results and to correct the tooth structure, Transparent Dental Plaques must be used for at least 22 hours during the day.

Even if the patient determines the usage areas of the Transparent Plaques, they should use it for at least 22 hours a day in order to eliminate the dental structural disorder. In addition, each Transparent Plate has a 10-day lifespan. That is, a Clear Plate is worn for 10 days and must be replaced at the end of the 10th day.

In Which Situations Is Transparent Plate Used?

Transparent Plaques are appliances developed as an alternative to metal and porcelain braces, which are produced in order to eliminate the irregularities, gaps and irregularities in the teeth of people due to different reasons from childhood or later. There are many different situations in which Transparent Plaque treatment is applied, which is generally preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns.

Among the cases where the Transparent Plaque, namely Invisalign treatment is applied;

  • In the elimination of orthodontic disorders in the patient's teeth and jaw structure,
  • If the person's teeth are in a position other than where they should be,
  • In closing the large spaces between the teeth,
  • In the correction of tooth crowding,
  • When looking for an alternative to some dental treatment applications that the person does not prefer due to aesthetic concerns,
  • In the treatment of false closure that may be caused by tooth and jaw problems,
  • In the expansion of the jaw and the improvement of many different orthodontic disorders,

can be displayed.

On Which Teeth Is Transparent Plaque Applied?

Transparent Plaque Treatment methods are an Orthodontic Treatment application applied to patients with dental crowding. Transparent Plaque, that is, Wireless Orthodontic treatment, which allows the treatment of crooked teeth at a certain level, is a treatment application that is generally preferred by individuals who have aesthetic anxiety.

In this treatment application, which allows the teeth with malpositions to be removed to their proper places, Transparent Plaques specially prepared for the teeth are placed on the tooth surface and correct the structure of the teeth by preventing the teeth from moving forward, backward, right, left, forward, backward, up or down.

How to Treat Transparent Plaque

Transparent Plaque or Invisalign treatment is a dental treatment method applied by Orthodontists in a clinical setting to people with orthodontic problems.

In other words, the process of making Invisalign application of Transparent Plaque treatment;

  • Before starting this treatment, first of all, the patient's teeth are examined by a specialist dentist.
  • If the patient's tooth placement or orthodontic disorder is suitable for clear plaque treatment, the teeth are measured in the mouth. The measurements taken are transferred to digital media.
  • With the dental measurements of the patient transferred to the digital environment, it is determined how the patient's teeth will look after the treatment with the teeth created in the digital environment. This process takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Specially prepared transparent plaques should be used for at least 20 hours a day.
  • Transparent plaques are produced from hard plastic. Therefore, it should be changed every 10 days or 2 weeks. It can be seen that the placement of the teeth changes with each plaque change during the use of the transparent plaque.
  • When it comes to the use of the last clear platter, if the structurally or locally damaged teeth of the patient's teeth have been corrected, an invisible wire called a retainer is attached to the back of the teeth, and the treatment process ends.
  • During the treatment, the structural defect in the patient's teeth improves day by day, while the patient does not experience any aesthetic concerns.

We can summarize as.

How Long Does Transparent Plaque Treatment Take?

As a result of Transparent Plaque Treatment, the time to reach the dreamed mouth and tooth appearance differs from person to person. Among the factors affecting the duration of invasilign treatment;

  • The degree of structural or localized disorder in the patient's teeth,
  • The importance that the patient gives to oral and Transparent Plaque care during the treatment period,
  • Whether or not the person uses the Transparent Plates during the day during the day,

can be displayed.

Transparent Plaque Treatment is a treatment application applied over a period of 3 to 5 months on average. The successful outcome of the treatment or the failure of the treatment depends on the patient as well as the expertise of the doctor and clinic.

The fact that the Transparent Plates can be removed and used to determine the areas of use provided to the patient provides great comfort, while at the same time, in cases where the requirements are not met, it can cause a negative result of the treatment.

How to Clean Transparent Plaque

Transparent Plaque cleaning is very important and should be considered. In addition to daily oral and dental care, Transparent Plaque care should also be done. Transparent plaques should be cleaned by brushing with a toothbrush and water, and attention should be paid to their hygiene.

Brushing your Transparent Plaques with toothpaste is not recommended by dentists. Because toothpastes can damage the transparency of transparent dental plaques and remove the general structure and transparency of the plaque.

How to Remove Clear Record Odor

Care and hygiene are very important in the treatment of Transparent Plaque, which is preferred as an Orthodontic Treatment Method in order to correct structural problems or placement problems in people's teeth for different reasons.

One of the places with the most bacteria in the human body is the mouth and teeth. Dental care and oral hygiene are therefore very important. Every individual needs to perform oral and dental care on a regular basis.

Transparent Plaques used in the mouth and teeth that are not adequately and regularly maintained lead to the formation of many harmful structures such as oral bacteria and cause various odors in the mouth.

In order to eliminate this odor and prolong the life of the Transparent Plate, you should regularly clean your mouth and clean the Transparent Plate with water. You can also keep your fragrant Transparent Records in a solution that you will prepare by adding a few drops of vinegar or a teaspoon of baking soda.

However, it is recommended to clean it with water and brush it gently with a toothbrush in order not to damage the Transparent Plaque structure or transparency.

  • Transparent Plaque Orthodontics
  • Transparent Plaque Orthodontic treatment applications, which have been developed as an alternative to other Orthodontic Treatment application methods with the developing technology recently, are a treatment application applied to eliminate various Orthodontic problems that occur in the teeth.

Transparent Plaque Orthodontic applications, which are generally preferred by people with aesthetic concerns, are a method that treats various dental problems such as placement disorders, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth. It is a frequently preferred treatment application thanks to the comfort it provides to the patient and determines the area of use by the patient.

After Transparent Plaque

Invasilign or as it is known among the people, Transparent Plaque treatment is an Orthodontic Treatment method in which the desired results are obtained quickly with great comfort if it is performed by a competent dentist in the clinical environment with the right method.

It will be the best behavior for patients to use protective plaques for the period recommended by the physicians in order not to deteriorate the tooth structure or placement after Transparent Plaque, which is also referred to as Wireless Orthodontics.

Advantages of Clear Plaque Treatment

Transparent Plaque treatment offers many different advantages to people who have aesthetic and functional problems in their teeth. This application, which is an alternative treatment method for orthodontic disorders, while fulfilling the functions of other Orthodontic Treatment Methods, also ensures that the patient does not experience aesthetic anxiety.

Among the advantages of Wireless Orthodontics or Transparent Plaque treatment as it is known among the people;

  • Transparent Plaque Treatment is one of the aesthetic treatment alternatives, and it also offers the opportunity to heal without the appearance of wire and without being noticed that the patient is being treated.
  • Thanks to their removable features, they allow the patient to determine the areas of use. The person may not use the Transparent Plates during the period they do not want. However, the point to be considered is that Transparent Plaques should be worn for at least 20 hours during the day in order to apply the treatment and eliminate the tooth disorder. Otherwise, the treatment process will be adversely affected and the desired result cannot be obtained.
  • Unlike Metal Wire Treatment or Porcelain Wire Treatment methods, it does not cause pain or discomfort. In wire treatments, the teeth are given strength with the help of wires and waited for one month. This may cause a lack of comfort in patients. In Transparent Plaque treatment applications, attention is paid to the comfort of the patient.
  • Since it can be put on and taken off, the oral and dental care routinely applied by the patient during daily life can be easily performed.
  • In Invisalign treatment, unlike Metal Wire Treatment applications, since no pressure is applied to the cheeks inside the mouth, there is no damage to the mouth, cheeks or lips.
  • Thanks to its transparency, it is not noticed from the outside. This situation prevents the aesthetic concerns of people who have aesthetic anxiety.

can be specified.

Transparent Plaque Prices

One of the most preferred methods in the treatment of misalignment, such as crookedness, crookedness, and separation in people's teeth for different reasons, is the Wireless Orthodontic application.

The most frequently asked question we hear from people who suffer from aesthetic and functional problems in their teeth and who come to our clinic for the elimination of these problems is How much will the Transparent Plaque Prices be in 2023?

We invite the person to our clinic by saying that it would not be right to specify a price without examining the person in applications in the field of health. As a result of the examination to be made by the specialist dentist, the treatment process and cost can be clearly stated to the patient.

Among the factors causing differences in Invisaling Prices in 2023;

  • The person's mouth and jaw structure,
  • The extent of the problems experienced in the patient's teeth,
  • The person's genetic makeup and age,
  • Other diseases experienced by the patient and drugs used,
  • The number of Transparent Plaques required in the Invisalign treatment to be applied to the person,
  • Experience of the dentist and clinic that will perform the application,

can be specified.

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